Demir Garden, with its 70% green area and nature-friendly architecture, cracks the doors of a completely different world open to you. A huge facility awaits you with different its flat concepts, green areas where you can spend your time freely, and social facilities that will increase your happiness!

Demir Garden, which was built on a land of 10 thousand 761 square meters with a 70% green area, consists of a total of 164 independent sections with 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1 flat and villa concepts. The project includes 6 villas and 13 shops.

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Location Features

  • 3 minutes to Viaport Shopping Mall (walking distance)
  • Buses and minibuses are 2 minutes away.
  • 5 minutes to TEM highway
  • 11 minutes to Okan University
  • 5 minutes to Emsey Hospital
  • 5 minutes to Adatip Hospital
  • 20 minutes to Marmaray
  • 5 minutes to Airport (Sabiha Gokcen)

The project location is very close to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cafes & restaurants and many other important points.

  • Clients: Ethan Hunt

Social Facilities

  • Large landscape area
  • Security for 24 hours
  • Outdoor and indoor parking
  • Fitness area
  • Sauna and Turkish Bath (Hamam)
  • Mini-court
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pool
  • Children’s playground
  • Basketball court
  • In-site ring area – camellias

  • Clients: Ethan Hunt

In the project, there is a multisystem air conditioning substructure in the living room and master’s bedroom. The outdoor units of the air conditioners are located at the technical mass rooms outside the flats.

Heating Installment
In our apartments, there is a underfloor heating system that combines both comfort and efficiency.

PVC Window System is designed with 6 rooms according to a fitting width of 80 mm. In the design of the system, especially considering the high performance criteria, the profiles were created by bringing together the most suitable elements. In the design process, in addition to the profile, window performance, insulation (heat and sound), strength, sealing properties were evaluated holistically. The profiles in the system are produced in accordance with the EN12608-1 standard.

With comfort glass, window fronts are warm in winter and cold in summer. Although it provides both heat and sun control, it never loses its light transmittance. Cases such as condensation on windows, are lesser compared to standard double-glass and the clouding process is delayed.

Interior Doors
Lacquered doors are preferred for the interior doors of the flats.

Kitchen Cabinets
In the project, lacquered doors are used for the kitchen cabinet doors and interior parts are made of TFA.

Cloakroos that are going to be used in our project are lacquered.

In the main bathrooms, ceramics will be in 60×120 measurements. For the master’s bathrooms, ceramics of 50×50 measurements will be used.

Smart Home System
The smart home system used in our project is the best quality and extensive product of the market, and it can be connected via wired or wireless. Also, it includes the substructures of many features such as lighting, heating, cooling, TV control, smart lock control, gas sensor control, water sensor, socket control.